You Can Use Concentrates In Vape Pens

Welcome to the wonderful world of THC vape juice. You can make it yourself and only need something called a mixing solution. You’ll also hear these products called thinners.

Once you have some concentrate and one of these solutions you can make juice and load it into any type of vape pen.

Let’s begin and shine some light on this fascinating topic. Wait until you realize how much money you can save.

Use Concentrates In Vape Pens: Why Bother?

THC vape juice may be the easiest way to vape cannabis. It is not only better compared to pre-filled vape cartridges you find in dispensaries, but it’s also cheaper and much safer to create your own. With hardly any effort, you are able to build a custom blended juice using the concentrate you like best.

This method works best if the concentrate does not contain any plant material. That means shatter, rosin, crumble, budder, and honey oil are good candidates. Concentrates like hash and bubble hash are unfortunately not a prospect for this strategy.

Use Concentrates In Vape Pens: What Is THC Vape Juice?

Vaping revolutionized smoking and it is now doing just the same for marijuana users. Cannabis vape juice works in any vape. They are a liquified form of your preferred marijuana concentrate.

This particular type blend works in any mod or vape, including popular pod systems. They are exactly the same as the nicotine vape juices you see everywhere. They just contain cannabis once you add it yourself.

That takes some chemistry from the equation and delivers a really stable product just awaiting you to infuse it with wax and shatter.

Use Concentrates In Vape Pens: Why It’s Better

Obviously, it is feasible to run off to any nearby dispensary, pay an astronomical price for a vape cartridge and start vaping now. The problems are numerous, however. You’ll see that making your own is actually easier.

In the first place, it only recently came to light that a great deal of the pre-filled vape cartridges at dispensaries are low, questionable quality. They do not work consistently well, do not have advanced temperature controls, are full of questionable materials along with mystery concentrates, and offer small choice to consumers.

Although these apparatuses used to be the easiest way to vape concentrates, they are old news.

As you are able to mix up quite a big batch of THC vape juice immediately and simply fill up your reusable tank, cartridge or pod whenever you want.

Among the hottest products on the market that turns concentrates into vape juice comes from a company called Wax Liquidizer. They offer 6 flavors of their mixing solution. You can also mix it at different strengths.

Also, using this method, you can graduate to a mod you like best and leave the simple, cheaply made pre-filled carts in the dust. With that comes temperature control, the color, size and feel you like best, as well as larger tank capacity. In the event that you would like to keep things very simple, choose a pod-style vape or a disposable cart of your own.

Use Concentrates In Vape Pens: How To Mix

Grab a bottle of Wax Liquidizer and their starter mix kit. It’s a heatproof glass to mix in, a storage container for your extra juice, and one tool to measure and move the juice to your tank or pod.

When all your supplies are on hand, mix 2ml of the liquidizer with a gram of the concentrate and warm them to combine. There are microwave and stovetop directions on the site to help.

Now you are prepared to transfer this juice to your vape tank or perhaps storage bottle. It is going to stay healthy for months, so however much you vape, you will encounter a constant source of THC juice on hand.

Use Concentrates In Vape Pens: The Savings

Most prefilled vape cartridges cost around thirty-five dollars at the dispensary and only contain .5ml of juice. You are able to buy a whole gram of concentrate for around that same price.

By mixing 2mls of Wax Liquidizer to that concentrate, you will net approximately three mls of juice, or the equivalent of 6 pre-filled dispensary carts.

Obviously, this is the best way to go!


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