What Is Marijuana Oil?

Cannabis oil is a viscous liquid containing a high concentration of cannabinoids. Through some refinement it’s possible to separate the leaves and flowers of marijuana from its active compounds and flavor components. Therefore, using cannabis means vaporizing a refined, natural dose of cannabinoids, flavinoids and terpenes instead of the whole flower of the plant.

What Is Marijuana Oil? Why Do People Vape Marijuana Oil?

People favor vaping over smoking cannabis for a few reasons.

What Is Marijuana Oil? Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking

You are able to vape cannabis oil instead of smoking it. This is a major factor for many people because this eliminates many known smoking hazards. While smoking cannabis is not as harmful as smoking cigarettes, evidence suggests that inhaling burning substances is not healthy for you. It can cause health problems.

Alternatively, the present evidence available suggests that vaping is healthier if you vape at temperatures that are safe. Temperature does appear to matter with regards to vape safety so make sure you follow this link to learn more about safe vape temperatures.

What Is Marijuana Oil? Is Cannabis Oil Stronger?

Because cannabis oil is a refined cannabis product, it contains more cannabinoids by weight than marijuana flower does. Cannabinoids are the compounds in the plant that create the sensation of being high. They also impact how cannabis causes beneficial health effects. Different cannabinoids do different things, but the quick explanation is that THC makes you high and CBD makes you healthy.

Cannabis users find they need much less cannabis oil to attain exactly the same impact in comparison with smoking cannabis. This makes it economical and more efficient for many people. Others just really like feeling the effects so intensely.

What Is Marijuana Oil? How To Smoke Marijuana Oil In Vape Cartridges

Using marijuana oil is called dabbing and you’ll need a dab rig to do it. You could also purchase an electric vape or portable oil pen. Many of the oil pens use cannabis oil vape cartridges powered by a battery resembling a pen. The cartridge is filled with cannabis oil and you simply fire the vape by clicking a button and inhale.

These cartridge pens are very similar to the ecigarette vapes many people already use. Some are disposable while some cartridges are refillable.

What Is Marijuana Oil? Important Concerns To Note

There are a few potential drawbacks to vaping marijuana oil.


The price of oil varies on location. If oil is expensive where you live, this may not be the best option for you.


Many people worry about solvents used in the refinement process. These solvents may be chemical (propane or butane) or natural (CO2 or heat and pressure).

When you can, choosing rosin which is extracted with heat and pressure or CO2 extracted oil is the safest. However, solvents are purged after extraction. Therefore, the oil you buy should be safe to vape even if it is butane extracted. Whether this worries you or not is personal preference.


Dabs are much stronger than smoking a bowl and some people don’t like that. You may want to try before you buy a bunch of new equipment. That being said, most cannabis lovers adore dabs so chances are good you’ll like it.

Heating The Nail

If you use a dab rig to vape cannabis oil you have to heat it first. Unless you have an enail which plugs into the wall, conventional practice involves a hand torch. Do you want to mess around with a torch in your house? Many don’t mind and others decide to steer clear.

An enail is a great option if you want the dabs without the danger. No open flame required.



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