Roll Cannabis In A Rose Petal

In honor of this, a traditional day for lovers, we bring you a special tutorial. Learn how to roll cannabis in a rose petal to impress your friends, family, and significant other. This trick actually works and isn’t that hard to pull off. You just need some sticky, a few rose petals, an oven or toaster oven, and a little patience.

If you want to try this method with a different kind of flower, that also works. Make sure to pick a non-toxic flower because poison never says I love you. You’re not Romeo or Juliet.

Cannabis In A Rose Petal: A Different Kind Of Joint Calls For Different Supplies

Pick up some roses or another edible flower at a florist or grocery store. Even gas stations have them around this time of year. Bonus if you aren’t seeing your loved one until the weekend cause they’ll be on sale.

You’ll need at least two pristine petals for this but may want a few more. Prepare for the worst in case your first attempt fails.

You’ll obviously also need some marijuana and you should splurge here. It’s a special occasion after all.

You also need an oven and a baking sheet or flat dish that won’t bust at high heat.

Cannabis In A Rose Petal: Wilt Those Petals

Toss at least two petals on your baking receptacle¬†and pop them in a preheated oven on broil or high heat. You only need to wilt these and that should only take 15-30 seconds. If you aren’t handy in the kitchen take our word for it, broilers toast things fast. Don’t walk away or you could have a fire.

That’s not romantic unless your partner thinks Firefighters are sexy.

Cannabis In A Rose Petal: Lick It Before You Stick It

Unless you found a mutant rose, you’ll have to stick two petals together using the glue God gave ya- your spit. Trust us, this is going to work. The petals get a little sticky once you wet them.

Notice how the petals form a cup when you hold them right. Make sure the cup faces up and stick both together the same way so it’s a bigger cup. It’s more like a boat. A weed boat.

After they’re together, pop them back into the oven for a few more seconds. SECONDS.

Cannabis In A Rose Petal: Stop, Grind, And Roll

Once the petals are cool enough to touch, dump some ground up bud in there and start rolling. Lick again to seal. Now it’s back into the oven to dry the petals enough to burn when lit.

If you don’t’ like the fire, don’t leave the joint in there too long or you’ll be crying.

It’s better to underbake this than overbake it so check on it after a few seconds and pop it back in if it isn’t dry enough. Repeat until you’re pleased with the consistency.

If you aren’t going to use this immediately, it will dry a little over time so keep that in mind, too.

Cannabis In A Rose Petal: Dressed To Impress

Now you have a joint or blunt that’s fancy enough to fulfill any present requirement. Even better, you made it yourself. How’s that for thoughtful.


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