Never roll the best joint? You’re the typical smoker who loves to puff but can’t quite roll one up. You feel ashamed and self conscious and all your friends have abandoned you.

Just kidding. It’s not that serious!

At the same time, rolling a joint is an essential life skill. You never know when this superpower might save the day.

If you’ll pardon the pun, let’s get you rolling.

To Roll The Best Joint Avoid The Usual Joint Problems

Here are a few common joint problems you might be familiar with in the struggles of yours.

Roll The Best Joint: Avoid The Pinner

Pinners are generally not enough and way too tight to even smoke correctly. The expression may actually refer to a thin joint under any circumstances. Even if it hits, if it’s too thin it’s a pinner.

It’s good form to avoid pinners because your smoking companions may label you as cheap or think you don’t like to share.

Roll The Best Joint: Make Sure It Smokes

A joint that is loaded or rolled too tight won’t smoke very well. It may not smoke at all. If you roll an unsmokable joint you’re wasting time and money. It’s bound to frustrate your friends and probably you too!

So put enough cannabis in that j and make sure you can draw on it before you light it and pass it to the left.

Roll The Best Joint: That Includes Rolling It Tight Enough

If your joint is simply too loose, on another hand, it is going to canoe. This means the paper begins to burn up on one side only. Maybe a weird air pocket causes combustion way quicker than you need it.

This is also a huge bummer. If you have a limited supply of weed to begin with, it could be crucial.

How To Roll The Best Joint

For results which are constant, you have to use the appropriate method first. Next, you have to repeat the identical process as regularly as you actually can.

If you have to, buy a cheap bag of rolling tobacco and practice with that. It isn’t quite the same but it will help you build up muscle memory and perfect your technique.

Roll The Best Joint: Step One

Take the supplies. You need to work with nice rolling papers. You likewise require a grinder, ideally a tip, and a way to light it up.

Roll The Best Joint: Step Two

Now it’s time to determine whether you would like the typical joint or perhaps a cone shaped joint. Your decision governs the manner in which you arrange the cannabis in the paper.

To roll a straight joint, distribute an even level of cannabis in the middle of the paper. Gently fold the paper in half across the cannabis until it just creases. Roll the cannabis using your thumb and forefinger to shape and pack it somewhat.

For a cone shaped joint, you have to distribute the cannabis more toward the outward side. Your line of cannabis will look like it’s going uphill.

Roll The Best Joint: Step Three

For a cone joint, start turning the narrow end of the tube with the crutch (tip) in it away from you. If your paper bunches, gently pull the paper taut using the outside end of the paper. This means the end you will eventually light.

For straight tube joints, it’s all about rolling and carefully tucking. Positioning the weed is the most important part.

Every roll tightens and shapes the cannabis. Be patient with this step.

Roll The Best Joint: Step Four

Lightly lick the glue strip and give your final tuck, running a finger over the sealed edge. Keep the tension on your fingers until you’re done licking and sure the joint is secure.

Let us face it, it is simplest to watch it done. With a bit of practice you will be a pro quickly.

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