How Do I Use A Cannabis Oil Pen?

Oil pens are a great and simple way to vape cannabis on the go.

In case you are a novice to the vaping world of cannabis, cannabis oil can be somewhat confusing. Would you use it topically, eat it or perhaps smoke it somehow? We are committed to bridging the gap between your present understanding and everything you should know about oil pens. Read on to learn more.

How Do I Use A Cannabis Oil Pen: What Is Cannabis Oil?

We should explore exactly what cannabis oil is before we leap into the mechanics of the oil pen and how it works. This particular substance is a powerful, extracted type of cannabis. It has an abundance of cannabinoids and also includes several terpenes as well as, flavonoids. It usually appears golden brown. Customers purchase it individually in a bottle or even pre-loaded into a vape cartridge.

Don’t confuse cannabis oil with massage oil. You do not rub cannabis oil on the body, you vape it.

How Do I Use A Cannabis Oil Pen: How Is Cannabis Oil Made?

Cannabis oil is generally extracted using a chemical approach which requires a solvent like butane or even propane. These chemicals affix to cannabinoids and separate them out from the plant material. Prior to selling to the public the solvents are actually extracted in a method known as purging.

The outcome is a viscous oil-like compound which packs a strong punch. Cannabis extracts, called concentrates, are actually up to 80 times more powerful than smoking an equivalent amount of weed.

Oil is not the only concentrate offered. The concentrate embodies various forms based on treatment during the purging and cooling process. You might take note of if it is referred to as wax, budder, shatter, crumble or perhaps rosin.

How Do I Use A Cannabis Oil Pen: Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are the active compounds in cannabis which help to achieve that euphoric feeling high or even soothe several health problems. Certain cannabinoids do both! THC is the intoxicating cannabinoid, while CBD assists the body in managing itself.

Cannabinoids might also work to create the Entourage Effect, which is a more holistic approach with all of the compounds of the cannabis plant working in conjunction to be the most effective medicinal use.

Our Endocannabinoid System processes and uses cannabinoids.

How Do I Use A Cannabis Oil Pen: What Are Oil Pens?

The reality is, an oil pen could be one of two products, both will vape cannabis oil but do so in somewhat different ways. People turn to them because vaping negates any toxic byproducts caused by burning cannabis in a traditional way. That means smoking it.

How Do I Use A Cannabis Oil Pen: Oil Pen Type #1

A straight oil pen is actually an electronic device which vapes full strength cannabis oil, wax, shatter, and so on – the maker will specify which types of concentrates the pen you have is able to handle. You insert it in the reservoir and activate the heating element by hitting a button or just drawing air from the vape/oil pen.

How Do I Use A Cannabis Oil Pen: Oil Pen Type #2

Some oil pens make use of vape cartridges sometimes referred to as atomizers, cartomizers, or clearomizers. These cartridges usually come prepared and ready to go, previously filled with cannabis-infused juice.

You are also able to fill most ecigs that vape nicotine ejuice with the cannabis-infused juice instead. This particular sort of cannabis oil could possibly be diluted with a mixture known as a’ thinner’ or’ liquidizer.’ Liquidizers contain PG, VG, and PEG combinations. This recipe allows the oil to perform optimally in the vape cartridge. The FDA considers it safe.

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