Reflect On Cannabinoids

Cannabis contains eighty to hundred cannabinoids although we tend to focus on only 2 of them. THC is regarded as most popular since it induces the intoxication many connect with cannabis. The runner up award is going to go to CBD. CBD is in the press a lot since it treats an assortment of problems [...]

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Medical Marijuana For Seizures

Cannabis research remains fascinating as we look into epilepsy and marijuana. Did you know research suggests that cannabidiol cuts the chance of some seizures in half? This might provide us a way forward to legalization. There are almost 50 million people living with epilepsy. Could secure access to medical grade CBD help improve their quality [...]

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Can Cannabis Help You Sleep?

Can Cannabis Help You Sleep? Cannabis could be an awe inspiring tranquilizer and sleep aid. A lot of us that take it already know that. Nevertheless, do you know exactly how it works and what it is truly doing to enable you to get your z's? Below are a few interesting facts about using cannabis [...]

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How CBD Alleviates Depression

CBD Alleviates Depression Research into how CBD alleviates depression could uncover indications regarding how cannabis manages both normal and drastic mood fluctuations. As is usual with discussions about medical marijuana, we want a lot more research to make sure. From the place we're in right now, nonetheless, CBD does seem to help regulate mood. It [...]

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How CBD Alleviates Pain

Learning how CBD alleviates pain is fascinating and extremely helpful to the part of the population that suffers from chronic discomfort. Persistent pain is a major problem in today's society and thankfully prescription drugs aren't the only answer. Instead, cannabidiol (CBD) oil can be used to treat and alleviate chronic pain in people who want [...]

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How CBD Alleviates Nausea

How CBD alleviates nausea is a fascinating look into the body and how cannabis interacts with it. By understanding more of the medicinal effects of CBD and cannabis overall, we can gain insight into why medical use is so crucial. You may think cannabis can distract you from symptoms of nausea but the truth is [...]

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What are cannabinoids: CBD and THC

If you want to up your cannabis knowledge to learn more about cannabinoids like CBD and THC, you're in the right place. Today, we're unpacking the complicated way cannabis interacts with your body. Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids and both are active compounds in the plant but each acts very differently. Whether you feel [...]

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