What Is Marijuana Oil?

What Is Marijuana Oil? Cannabis oil is a viscous liquid containing a high concentration of cannabinoids. Through some refinement it's possible to separate the leaves and flowers of marijuana from its active compounds and flavor components. Therefore, using cannabis means vaporizing a refined, natural dose of cannabinoids, flavinoids and terpenes instead of the whole flower [...]

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Reflect On PHO: PHO vs BHO

PHO, or perhaps Propane Hash Oil is a form of cannabis concentrate. Like shatter, or wax, BHO or Rosin, it is far more powerful than smoking cannabis flower since it is much more dense with cannabinoids. Essentially, PHO is BHO made with propane rather than butane. In the event that you are currently up to [...]

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Reflect On Kief- What Is Kief?

Today we reflect on kief, a popular and OG cannabis 'concentrate' that's different than the dabs you hear so much about. There are a few ways that kief is different but it's similar to concentrates because of the high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. The best part is how easy it is to collect. There [...]

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Enails vs Ceramic Nails

Enails vs Ceramic Nails The great wide world of dab accessories can be hard to navigate. Nails come in many materials and most require a live torch to operate. It's pretty overwhelming for beginners but we're rolling through with this guide to simply your dabs. Enails vs Ceramic Nails And Glass Nails When you buy [...]

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Reflect On Shatter: How Is Shatter Different?

How is shatter different from wax or budder? Cannabis concentrates can seem overwhelming, but there are really only two things to know. To identify more about your concentrate just focus on two main issues and everything makes much more sense from there. What are these two magical categories you ask? Well, you gotta keep reading [...]

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Reflect On Wax: Cannabis Wax vs Kief

Wax vs kief is a pretty easy comparison since they're very different substances. They go together because both are concentrated forms of cannabis. One is completely natural while the other is processed and refined. Let's compare and contrast the two and learn more about both in the process. Wax vs Kief: What Are They?! Wax [...]

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Reflect On BHO: Butane Honey Oil

How to make Butane Honey Oil is just one of those questions that could be best asked in an attempt to understand what BHO is in the first place. Making cannabis compounds is not really a process for everyone since it involves some risk. Also, you will need specific equipment to pull it off. By [...]

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Reflect On Rosin

Reflect On Rosin If you enjoy dabbing but don't love exposure to chemical solvents, rosin is a great choice. While most solvent is presumably removed during processing, you never have to wonder with rosin. This concentrate is not only easy to make at home, it's completely pure and natural. While your friends are all sucking [...]

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Different Ways to Dab

If you're new to the world of cannabis concentrates, you may feel befuddled. It seems like there are all these alien terms, things to buy, and it's enough to make you want to sit down and smoke a bowl. Furthermore, hearing names like butane oil thrown around is upsetting to some purists. Let's explore the [...]

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