Cannabis And Stress

Cannabis And Stress Cannabis might help individuals with Post traumatic stress disorder in many ways. For example, CBD relaxes, balances and maintains internal conditions. These traits are therapeutic to PTSD sufferers and people with anxiety. The present scientific studies are very promising. As a result, there's a call from some veteran advocacy groups to have [...]

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Cannabis And Stress

Cannabis And Stress: CBD and PTSD Because combat veterans experience repeated trauma in war, they are at risk for stress disorders and PTSD. Some veterans use CBD for relief. Therefore, they are often at the center of the CBD and PTSD conversation. Although research is limited at this time, positive results do exist. Researchers monitored [...]

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Reflect On Cannabis Anatomy

Cannabis anatomy is a bit involved, but that's part of the fascination. This plant looks almost alien and yet it is a marvel of natural perfection. It is not surprising cannabis photos are all over the web. It is not difficult to overlook all of the facets of the cannabis plant, even if we admire [...]

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You Gotta Laugh At These Weed Memes!

These weed memes come straight from the 420 Reflections headquarters to you. Think of it as our happy holidays present. Now you have something to chuckle about during your next session. If you need a little time away from the family this should keep you occupied as well. We didn't create any of these marijuana [...]

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What Is A Trichome?

Question: What is a trichome? Trichomes are really small glands on the marijuana plant which secrete resin. As you probably know, this particular resin makes choice buds delightfully sticky. Marijuana's resin contains the things we value the plant for most. For instance, THC, CBD and other cannabinoids as well as terpenes come from trichomes. For [...]

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