Understanding Cannabidiol

Understanding Cannabidiol Some things about CBD are only being discovered. Still others aren't well understood. Much old information exists and we want to clear some things up about cannabidiol. One major change in opinion on CBD is whether it binds to cannabinoid receptors or if it cannot bind. While it used to be thought THC [...]

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Cancer Patients Choose Medical Cannabis

FCancer Patients Choose Medical Cannabis Should marijuana be legalized, cancer patients will select it as their medicine of choice. This is based on answers given to a survey conducted by one the nation's most respected cancer research facilities. Scientists from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, based in Seattle, Wash., surveyed 926 individuals who suffer [...]

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CBD Side Effects: What You Need To Know

CBD Side Effects: What You Need To Know Although CBD is an exciting wellness tool, it's not completely safe. Honestly, most supplements carry some risk. The goal of this article isn't to scare you. We simply want you to be aware that thereĀ are some side effects that CBD can cause. Not everyone will experience these [...]

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Is CBD Good For Dogs?

Is CBD Good For Dogs? People are asking is CBD good for dogs because they want to provide their pets natural wellness. People whose dog suffers from an illness want to alleviate their discomfort by administering CBD as well. Giving CBD to pets could be a great benefit thanks to CBD's ability to balance the [...]

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Medical Marijuana For Seizures

Cannabis research remains fascinating as we look into epilepsy and marijuana. Did you know research suggests that cannabidiol cuts the chance of some seizures in half? This might provide us a way forward to legalization. There are almost 50 million people living with epilepsy. Could secure access to medical grade CBD help improve their quality [...]

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