How To Use Rosin Presses

How To Use Rosin Presses  Rosin is a cannabis concentrate quite unlike many others. Remember, a cannabis concentrate is a substance containing almost pure cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the compounds in marijuana that produce effects on the body and mind. To make a cannabis concentrate, the plant material (leaf, stem, flower, etc) must divorce from the [...]

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LEC Grow Lights For Cannabis: Reflect That LEC Glow

LEC Grow Lights For Cannabis There are a lot of lighting options and it can seem overwhelming. Do you want LED, LEC, full-spectrum, halide, or fluorescent? Before you know what's right for you, knowledge is necessary. Light-emitting ceramic technology offers benefits that are many over traditional HID lighting, including reduced heat output, more optimal spectral [...]

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Monthly Marijuana? Cannabis Accessories Subscription Box

Do you receive a cannabis accessories subscription box? As cannabis crawls from under its past stigma, the industry is booming. This includes mainstream shopping trends like subscription boxes. If you aren't familiar with what I'm talking about, I'll break it down for you and also suggest a few to check out. While many feel that subscription [...]

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Automate Your Grow Room

Automate Your Grow Room In case you cannot dedicate a complete room, or maybe perhaps a closet of your apartment or house to a couple of cannabis plants, then you definitely may want to invest in a pre assembled grow box. In order to get quality bud, good genetics are needed by you, but additionally [...]

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