If you want to up your cannabis knowledge to learn more about cannabinoids like CBD and THC, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re unpacking the complicated way cannabis interacts with your body. Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids and both are active compounds in the plant but each acts very differently. Whether you feel curious or are looking for a place to start your deeper research, read on for that sweet knowledge.

CBD And THC: The High Vs The Helper

Most people talk about being high or stoned when they smoke cannabis, but what does that really mean? Getting high usually involves feeling a little disoriented, hyper or totally unfocused, forgetful, social, and even silly. This is what we think of when we say we’re stoned, and for the most part THC is the cannabinoid that’s responsible.

THC is a good place to start the canabinoid discussion because its effects are noticeable. When you smoke, eat, or vape cannabis, it enters your blood stream and gets to your brain. That’s when it does it’s thing in your endocannabinoid system. It attaches to receptors and interacts in a way that produces those psychoactive effects you’re used to.

CBD is doing the same thing, as are the numerous other cannabinoids in weed. It doesn’t pool up in your brain, however. Instead, it can attach to receptors all over the body. It has zero psychoactive effects at all so patients can medicate and not intoxicate.

The Effects Of THC

Taking a closer look at what THC is actually doing is warranted.

THC enters brain and locks on to certain receptors. One of the things THC does next is increase dopamine secretion. Dopamine makes us feel good so THC promotes more of that feeling.

THC also enters the hippocampus and affects the way it processes signals. This cannabinoid brain interaction causes some of the motor coordination issues you may experience while high. It also accounts for the short term memory loss.

The Effects Of CBD

CBD also gets all up in your body but it doesn’t make you high. It may even decrease the ‘high’ feeling.

CBD receptors exist all over the body not just in the brain. They’re found in the digestive tract, your skin, and all over the place. This is part of why they work to soothe conditions from nausea to PTSD.

Medicinal Strains

Because of the sudden focus on CBD and its benefits, growers are creating strains that have more of it than ever. Strains are either CBD rich (equal parts THC and CBD) or CBD dominant. The later term indicates the cannabis is at least 4% higher in CBD compared to THC.

A Cost Effective Way To Vape CBD

Many people turn to prefilled CBD vape cartridges sold in dispensaries. These are an excellent way to medicate but they’re very expensive.

In the same way it’s cheaper to make a pie than to buy one, it’s much cheaper to make your own CBD vape cartridges. With very little effort in your own home you can mix up a batch of CBD dominate wax, shatter, budder or crumble with a commercial mixing solution.

Using gentle heat to infuse the solution with marijuana concentrate takes around two minutes or less.

CBD and THC Achievement: Unlocked

Both CBD and THC are cannabinoids that produce different effects in the body. Think of them as the active ingredients in pot. THC works in the brain and produces intoxicating effects while CBD works all over your body to regulate and relax.

Not so hard when you take it apart, is it?

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