FCancer Patients Choose Medical Cannabis

Should marijuana be legalized, cancer patients will select it as their medicine of choice. This is based on answers given to a survey conducted by one the nation’s most respected cancer research facilities.

Scientists from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, based in Seattle, Wash., surveyed 926 individuals who suffer from cancer. Through the research, their findings show that about 25% of patients use cannabis as an alternative form of treatment. The results were published by a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society.

Cancer Patients Choose Medical Cannabis: Study Conclusions

This particular study of cancer patients occurred in a state with legalized marijuana. It found solid evidence supporting dynamic usage. Furthermore, individuals report legalization is a significant contributing factor in their interest in cannabis as an integrative treatment.

This is an indication that cancer patients desire, but are not receiving, information regarding cannabis use throughout their mainstream treatment. Since they are invested in this type of therapy, they are willing to find the information they are seeking elsewhere.

A growing number of physicians are realizing the significant therapeutic effects of medical cannabis in cancer treatment, but its far-reaching effects will still take time.

Cancer Patients Choose Medical Cannabis: Patient Results

Cancer patients report that cannabis reduces several symptoms, such as insomnia, nausea, stress, depression, and pain. Individuals feel disappointed with the lack information the US health system provides.

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals lack training and certification in cannabis science and therefore are reluctant to it offer it as a form of therapy.

The study concluded that over half of the participants found that legalization was a major component in whether or not they would seek cannabis as a therapy. Actually, it significantly enhanced the likelihood a sufferer would try cannabis for cancer treatment.

Furthermore, researchers dispersed cannabis consumption over demographics subsets, like, gender and age, as well as cancer diagnosis subsets.

Cancer Patients Choose Medical Cannabis: Encapsulated Research

  • 74% of the subjects wanted information from cancer doctors as well as had a deep interest in studying cannabis during cancer treatment.
  • 24% used cannabis as a medical therapy within a year of the study.
  • 21% self-medicated with cannabis within a month of the study.
  • 70% inhaled (smoked, as well as, vaped) cannabis.
  • 70% consumed edibles.
  • 40% did both.
  • 75% reported they consumed cannabis for physical pain.
  • 64% used it for neuropsychiatric symptoms.

The founder of the study, Steven Pergam, said he hopes his analysis will initiate more experiments evaluating the risks, as well as benefits, of marijuana for cancer treatment.

Cancer Patients Choose Medical Cannabis: The State of Medical Marijuana

The American Cancer Society concedes that far more research is necessary on marijuana as a treatment for cancer symptoms. They openly declare that elements in marijuana have the potential to combat cancer cells. Nonetheless, they are not as vocal in providing information and pushing for more research as they ought to be.

Twenty-nine states have actually legalized marijuana; eight states have legalized adult recreational use; and Washington, the state of origin of the study, allows both.


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